A Player's Perspective

  • A Player's Perspective: State of the NEHC
    February 19, 2016
    Columnist Peter Langella is back, and as always, he's got an opinion. Today the former Norwich Cadet player offers a unique take on the NEHC.
  • A Player's Perspective: A Valentine for Hobart
    February 13, 2015
    With Valentine's a day away, Peter Langella is feeling good about Hobart's chances down the stretch.
  • Rewind
    March 21, 2014
    First, I would like to congratulate all of the teams that are still playing, both men and women. It is incredibly tough to make it to this stage, no matter how good of a team you have, on paper, in practice, or during games...
  • Ponderings
    February 20, 2014
    In a Player's Perspective, Peter Langella ponders a grab bag of items -- including the Olympics and how important it is to finish the regular season and league playoffs in flawless fashion.
  • Zero
    January 14, 2014
    Amid the continued rapid growth of the women's Division III game, Peter Langella is back with A Player's Perspective that takes a provocative look at gender equity issues in coaching.
  • The most wonderful time of the year
    December 12, 2013
    As arenas around the nation go quiet as semester break looms, Peter Langella looks back on his college days and his favorite time of the Division III year.
  • Do we have to accept the power play?
    November 12, 2013
    Special teams often prove critical, so in his first A Player's Perspecive column of the regular season, Peter Langella wonders why more teams don't use more creative methods.
  • Selection Sunday Secrets
    February 28, 2013
    In A Player's Perspective, Peter Langella returns and offers his thoughts on the selection process as well as on the numerical machinations that surround tournament hopefuls.
  • The high plains
    February 12, 2013
    In A Player's Perspective, Peter Langella explains why, as the playoffs loom, there is little room for slip-ups for teams who have their sights set on the grand prize.
  • New Year's Resolution
    January 01, 2013
    With 2013 upon us, Peter Langella returns in A Player's Perspective and outlines his hockey New Year's Resolution.
  • Polls Matter
    December 03, 2012
    In A Player's Perspective, Peter Langella contends that while of course the human polls don't help select the NCAA tournament field, they are nonetheless far from inconsequential.
  • The most important game I ever played
    November 19, 2012
    In A Player's Perspective, Peter Langella movingly describes why a 2006 PrimeLink game was the most important of his career.
  • Solutions
    November 02, 2012
    With the Presidents Council shooting down a combined men's championship, Peter Langella returns in A Player's Perspective with some thoughts of his own on future championships.
  • Hockey time - the best time
    October 23, 2012
    Former Norwich and Trinity player Peter Langella debuts with a look at what the beginning of the season means to him.