Women's NCAA Bracketology: Round 2

By Ray Biggs & Matthew Webb

The second public NCAA rankings were released Tuesday, which means it's again time for D3hockey.com to project the Women's NCAA Tournament field based on the published process the NCAA National Committee will be using to select and seed the NCAA tournament field.

A projected Pool A team last week, Hamline now finds itself in the Pool C mix. Will it affect the Pipers' chances and our projected bracket?
Photo: Ryan Coleman for d3photography.com

As always, a few quick points regarding our methodology: what will be seen here is the tournament field, were it set today, per our best interpretation and implementation of the published tournament selection process.  There will be no speculation, tangent theories or conjecture. 

Our job is to walk through the NCAA tournament selection process, as it can be confusing enough in its own right -- especially to those who are new to it.  If our conclusions come to be different than the actual tournament field, the reasons why will be dealt with in our annual Tournament Selections Explained article that will follow the announcements of the selections. For some it will give you closure or justification, and for others it probably will just make you sprout grey hairs, but we're not going to be the judge of that. We're just going to give you the information based on the interpretation of the rules laid out in advance. Anyway, our projections will not be based on anything other than the stated selction process.

For a more detailed of how the Women's NCAA Tournament is organized, feel free to take a look at our Women's Tournament Primer.

So what has changed this week? Not a lot, but more than nothing. The second set of NCAA regional rankings feature a few changes worth noting. They were:

  • Connecticut College and Amherst flipped in the 5/6 spots in the East, with the Camels now in fifth. St. Thomas and Hamline also flipped at 3/4 in the West, but note that it proves irrelevant here as St. Thomas has elected not to participate in the postseason
  • Endicott fell out of the East rankings while Hamilton has entered in the 8th and final spot
  • Adrian has surprisingly fallen completely out of the West rankings while Augsburg has moved in at 6th

Additionally, Gustavus Adolphus passed Hamline in the MIAC race and is the top seed in MIAC tournament. Thus the Gusties will be our new projected Pool A team out of the MIAC.

Will any of these have a great enough effect on the application of the process so as to yield a different projection than that of a week ago? There's only one way to find out...


The Tournament

  • The 2018 Women's Division III Ice Hockey Championship will consist of nine teams.
  • Six conference playoff champions will receive automatic qualifying bids (Pool A) to the tournament. Those conferences are the: NEWHL, MIAC, NCHA, NEHC, Colonial, & NESCAC.
  • One team will receive a Pool B bid to the tournament. This bid is reserved for independent teams as well as those that participate in conferences without a Pool A bid, which are the UCHC and WIAC.
  • Two teams that do not receive Pool A bids, or the Pool B bid, will receive at-large (Pool C) bids into the tournament. Every team that did not receive a Pool A or B bid is eligible for a Pool C bid.
  • For the purpose of Pool C selection, as well as team comparisons for regional ranking purposes and tournament seeding, the NCAA committee will rely mainly on what it refers to as its Primary Criteria, which are as follows
  • Win-lost percentage against Division III opponents (WIN)
  • Division III head-to-head results (H2H)
  • Results versus common Division III opponents (COP)
  • Results versus ranked Division III teams as established by the rankings at the time of selection.  Conference postseason contests are included (RNK)^
  • Division III strength of schedule (SOS)*

              Consisting of:
            -  2/3 Opponents' Average Winning Percentage (OWP)

            -  1/3 Opponents' Opponents' Winning Percentage (OOWP)


There are also three Secondary Criterion the committees may look at if evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision, and they are as follows:

  • Non-Division III won-lost percentage
  • Results versus common non-Division III opponents
  • Win-loss record during the final 25 percent of the season(L25)


Regional Rankings

  • The NCAA regional committees will release three editions of regional rankings prior to tournament selection, with the release dates being February 13, 20 and 27. A fourth will be generated on March 4 for selecting and seeding the field and those rankings will also be released to the public. The tournament field will be announced at 10:00 am EST on Monday, March 5.
  • Regional Rankings have been expanded this season and now include eight teams from the East Region, and six from the West.
  • For the sake of RNK, the NCAA considers a team ranked only if it is ranked in either of the final two sets of regional rankings (February 27 and March 4)

NCAA Regional Rankings - February 20

1. Norwich 1. Gustavus Adolphus
2. Plattsburgh State 2. UW-River Falls
3. Elmira  3. St. Thomas
4. Middlebury 4. Hamline
5. Connecticut College 5. UW-Eau Claire
6. Amherst 6. Augsburg
7. Morrisville State  
8. Hamilton  


Pool Selection

  • Pool A:  As Bracketology assumes this would be the tournament field were the season to end today, we will use the teams leading the six Pool A eligible conferences as our automatic qualifiers. That's easy enough.

    Note: Morrisville State holds the same number of wins and standings points as Endicott in the Colonial Hockey Conference but is ranked higher in the regional rankings so Morrisville will be our Pool A bid for the Colonial. With that out of the way, our Pool A bids go to: 
CHC: Morrisville State
NEWHL: Plattsburgh State
MIAC: Gustavus Adolphus
NCHA: Adrian
NEHC: Norwich
NESCAC: Middlebury






  • Pool B: One bid is reserved for independent teams and teams that participate in leagues that do not possess a Pool A bid. That means the UCHC and the WIAC.

Each league has a clear front-runner with Elmira out of the UCHC and UW-River Falls out of the WIAC, so we'll compare the two to see who claims the bid:

WIN  .880  .740
SOS  .561  .587
RNK  .643 (4-2-1)  .500 (3-3-2)
H2H  -  -
COP  .750 (1-0-1)  .250 (0-1-1)

Analysis: Looks like we're headed to the same conclusion as a week ago. Adrian dropping out of the West rankings did shave a RNK loss off River Falls, but it's still not going to be enough. Elmira still takes WIN, RNK and COP, and we find its large WIN advantage alone to be of more significance than River Falls' small edge in SOS.

There just isn't a lot to discuss here as to make a case for River Falls we'd have to pin it entirely on a rather small SOS advantage, and it's not a case we're willing to try to make.

The Pool B Bid is Awarded To: Elmira


  • Pool C:

We now must consider which teams will get at-large bids to the tournament. That requires looking at the highest ranked teams in the regional rankings that are not projected to win Pool A. That holds one exception, as we understand St. Thomas will not be competing in the NCAA postseason this year due to a self-imposed ban. This again makes UW-Eau Claire the third team from the West. 

East: Connecticut College, Amherst, Hamilton

West: UW-River Falls, Hamline, UW-Eau Claire

As always, we'll construct a table that includes WIN, SOS and RNK to see if we can draw any immediate conclusions.

Amherst .667 .568  .250 (1-5-2)
Conn. College .717 .557  .500 (3-3-1)
Hamilton .625 .547  .375 (2-4-2)
.780 .530  .500 (3-3-2)
UW-River Falls .740 .587  .500 (3-3-2)
UW-Eau Claire .680 .566  .375 (2-4-2)

Little bit of a different look here as Hamilton and Hamline are new to the mix this week, plus a fair amount of the numbers have changed from what we saw a week ago.

Nonetheless, we'll do what we always do and see if there's anyone we can peel off the board and move into the field right away, and as usual we think there is. It's UW-River Falls. The Falcons boast the second highest WIN (trailing only a team that's ranked behind it in the West), the best SOS, and second-best RNK. Looking at all three together, there just isn't another team here with a resume as strong as the Falcons. UW-River Falls grabs the first Pool C bid.

Which leaves us just one bid to go and by virtue of the change in this week's East rankings Conn College is now the highest-ranked remaining East team, so we'll compare the Camels to the highest-ranked remaining team in the West, which is Hamline. The end result, a fresh comparison we did not have to look at last week, which illustrates how much these things can change in just a week's time.

WIN  .717  .780
SOS  .557  .530
RNK  .500 (3-3-1)  .500 (3-3-3)
H2H  -  -
COP  -  -

Well this is a bit of a challenge. We've got no H2H or COP to work with and RNK is a tie, so all we have to look at is a reasonably significant WIN edge for Hamline against a moderate SOS edge for Conn College. What to do, what to do...

In the real world we wouldn't be surprised to see this go to Conn College considering the way the committees have historically treated (mistakenly at times in our minds) SOS as a sort of a holy grail, but on our end we prefer to sit back and make sure we know what these numbers are actually telling us.

Hamline is a couple games better in WIN, but it's been against a schedule that's a bit weaker overall, and that matters. But at the same time a SOS gap of .027 is small enough that it can be the result of each playing just one played against a certain opponent.

So, while both claim an edge, we just don't view either to be strong enough to be a determinant here. Thankfully there are rules for what to do in a situation like this. From the Women's Pre-Championship Manual: "If the evaluation of the primary criteria does not result in a decision, the secondary criteria will be reviewed."

As a refresher, the secondary criteria include non-Division III won-lost percentage, results verses common non-Division III opponents, and Division III non-conference strength of schedule.

Do we get any help here? Let's see...

Conn College did play one Division II team this year, St. Anselm, and lost, and the pair had no common non-Division III opponents. That leaves non-conference strength of schedule, which presents a bit of a conundrum on its own. Both due to the improper statistical method the NCAA uses to calculate SOS (averaging averages) and the fact we don't have a convenient method of calculating the OOWP component. But, we can calculate the OWP portion, which is good for 2/3 of the total, so out of curiosity we did and it's:

Conn College: .5642 (91-68-20)
Hamline: .5938 (94-60-20)

Now, recall we don't have the full calculation here, but inclinations are that both relevant secondary criterion favor Hamline.

This is a painful comparison, but if we stick to the tenets of the process, recall we determined that we could not make a decision based on the primary criteria alone which means we went to the secondary criteria as instructed, and it favors Hamline.

In perhaps the tightest comparison we've ever had to deal with, and a prime illustration of the peril that comes with not winning a conference tournament and ending up in the at-large shark tank, the second and final Pool C bid goes to Hamline.

The Pool C Bids are awarded to: UW-River Falls, Hamline


Setting The Field

  • Thus, our full tournament field is:
NEHC: Norwich
Colonial: Morrisville
NEWHL: Plattsburgh
MIAC: Gustavus Adolphus
NCHA: Adrian
NESCAC: Middlebury
Pool B: Elmira
Pool C: UW-River Falls
Pool C: Hamline








Seeding the Field

  • Now the field must be seeded by region.  Using this week's regional rankings, it would look something like this:

1E Norwich
2E Plattsburgh
3E Elmira
4E Middlebury
5E Morrisville State

1W Gustavus Adolpghus
2W UW-River Falls
3W Hamline
4W Adrian





Setting the Bracket

We begin by reminding you that as we place our teams, there are two considerations that have to be noted. 

1. The NCAA 500-mile preliminary round travel limit must be adhered to if possible. Mapquest, Google Maps, or your Rand McNally Atlas (Whether upright, or flipped over) are not official methods of calculating the mileage between institutions. Instead, the NCAA utilizes an institution-to-institution mileage calculator, which is available online. If it's beyond 500 miles, the NCAA has to pay for flights for the visiting team, and they try to avoid that at all costs in the pre-championship site rounds, even if it has sometimes come at the expense of maintaining seed integrity in the bracket. You can expirement with the NCAA mileage calculator here.

2. Per the NCAA Pre-Championship manual, we cannot pair teams from the same conference against one another in the first round (opening round).

Click to view full size

Amusingly, after all that we end up with the exact same field, seeded the exact same way, that we did last week. Which means our bracket is also going to be the same as it was last week.

If you recall, Adrian must play Elmira as it's the only school within 500 miles, which leaves us four East Region teams and three West. This means the only way we can avoid flights is to put the lone first round game out West, and from there teams fall in by regional rank.

Our early round match-ups are:

Opening round
2W UW-River Falls v. 3W Hamline @Gustavus Adolphus

5E Morrisville at 1E Norwich
4W Adrian at 3E Elmira
4E Middlebury at 2E Plattsburgh
2W River Falls/3W Hamline at 1W Gustavus Adolphus

From there, we again split the bracket in so the top regional seeds are lined up on opposite sides of the bracket. With that done, we still believe Norwich to be the top overall seed here so we line up the Cadets with the lower seeded quarterfinal, which is again Adrian/Elmira:

5E Morrisville at 1E Norwich 
4W Adrian at 3E Elmira

4E Middlebury at 2E Plattsburgh
2W River Falls/3W Hamline at 1W Gustavus



Questions, comments, you'd like further explanation or you simply think we're nuts?  No problem, we'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment below, or you can always yell at us on twitter @d3hky.




D3hockey.com Men's Team of the Week: February 21st

Compiled by D3hockey.com Staff 

As the playoffs got rolling in some leagues, and the regular season wrapped up in others, the good performances kept on coming. It's our Team of the Week!

A huge performance by Adrian's Taylor McCloy has the Bulldogs moving on in the NCHA Playoffs. Photo: Larry Radloff, d3photography.com

How it works: Each week, Sports Information Directors from across the country submit week-long performances they've deemed worthy of being placed among the best in the nation in the week that was. For award purposes, a normal week will run from Monday to Sunday. System and email nominations will close at 8pm Monday in all subsequent editions, and any games played on deadline day are incorporated into the following week. 

Once we get the school and league nominations, check out conference weekly releases, and pick the brains of our own staff to get the clearest picture we can, we select among top performances by position. It's an elite group. Three forwards, two defensemen, one goaltender. That's generally it. To get here, means you're one of best performers on the ice at your position in the week that was. 

To be clear, we aren't just looking at raw numbers. We're also looking to incorporate players that contributed in the pivotal moments, season defining wins, and stunning upsets that make our brand of hockey so exciting.

Don't see a player here? Think they would have made the cut? Encourage your school's Sports Information Director to nominate deserving players each week. From now, through the week following conference championship games, SIDs can submit their nominations from Sunday evening until 8pm on Mondays utilizing their PrestoSports login at http://d3football.com/nominations/award-status. In an effort to be as thorough as possible, weekly releases from our member conferences are also accepted. Generally, we operate on this premise for now... if it's that good, we'll find you eventually.

Now that we've explained the process, let's get to it. Here is your D3hockey.com National Team of the Week:

Jimmy Poreda, Plattsburgh, Freshman
Poreda backstopped the Cardinals to a 1-0-1 record during the week to help them qualify as the No. 4 seed in the SUNYAC Tournament. He turned aside 24 shots on Friday in a 2-2 overtime tie against Cortland before posting his third shutout of the season on Saturday, making 35 saves in a 1-0 victory over No. 3/4 Oswego. For the year, Poreda has a .916 save percentage and a 2.59 goals-against average.


Curtis Lewington, Marian, Senior
Lewington led the Sabre blue line to a sweep of St. Scholastica to open the NCHA Harris Cup. Lewington posted a three-point weekend against the Saints with two assists in the opener of the series, one on the game-winner, and a power play goal in the finale. Lewington ranks fourth amongst all skaters in the NCHA with six power play goals and is seventh in defenseman scoring in the conference with 17 points on the season.

Dalton Carter, Utica, Senior
Carter scored 6 points with 1 goal and 5 assists over the weekend. His impressive performance helped the Pioneers claim the UCHC regular season title and clinch the top spot in the UCHC Conference tournament. In Friday's 7-3 win over King's College, Carter scored a goal and had 3 assists. In Saturday's 7-1 win over Manhattanville, he scored 2 assists. Nationally, Carter is ranked second in points per game for defensemen (1.46) and is seventh in assists per game (1.04). 


Taylor McCloy, Adrian, Senior
The assistant captain was a one-man wrecking ball for the top-ranked Bulldogs as they swept MSOE in the first round of the NCHA Harris Cup, 3-2 and 6-3. He accounted for five of the team's nine goals while also recording a plus-4 rating and 10 shots. In Friday's one-goal win, he scored an insurance tally at 4:44 of the third period that proved to be the game-winning goal. In Saturday victory, he scored the go-ahead goal at 5:27 in the final period for a 4-3 lead at the time on the way to his first career hat trick. He has career highs of 20 goals and 30 points this season, and surpassed the 100-point milestone during the weekend. 

Matt Brazel, Babson, Junior
Brazel scored the game-winning goal at 10:26 of the second overtime to lift Babson over Skidmore, 3-2, in an NEHC Tournament quarterfinal on Saturday night. The junior forward poked home a rebound at the top of the crease to send the Beavers to the league semifinals for the sixth year in a row. 
Max Rasberg, UNE, Freshman
Rasberg collected a season-high/game-high 4 points in the Nor'easters CCC quarterfinal win over Wentworth.



Men's conference tournament tracker: Wednesday wrap

More news about: Buffalo State | Elmira | Fredonia | Neumann

Compiled by D3hockey.com staff --

Both the SUNYAC and the UCHC kicked off their postseasons on Wednesday night with a pair of quarterfinal games each, three of which went down to the wire and were settled by a single goal. The end results: Buffalo State, Fredonia, Neumann and Elmira all were victorious and have all advanced to their respective league semifinals.

Fredonia's 4-3 quarterfinal win at Plattsburgh State advanced the Blue Devils to the SUNYAC semifinals  for the first time since 2012.
Photo: Fredonia Athletics

As always you can stay caught up on all of the conference tournaments below with our conference-by-conference postseason scoreboards for each league, but here's how things shook out on Wednesday:


No. 15 Buffalo State jumped out to a 4-1 third period lead on SUNY Potsdam  after a Vadim Vasjkonkin goal at the 8:12 mark of the period, but Potsdam stormed back as Dylan Vander Esch scored a power play goal at the 9:35 mark of the period and added an even-strength tally with 1:50 to go.

The Bears carried a 13-5 shot advantage in the third but were unable to find the game-tying tally in the final two minutes and Buffalo State held on for the 4-3 win. Goaltender Ian Sylves finished with 28 saves to help lead the Bengals, while Vasjonkin also scored in the second period. Zach Niemenen and Zach Remers also scored for Buffalo State.

The win advances the Bengals to Saturday's semifinal where they will travel to face No. 8 SUNY Geneseo. Buff State is 0-1-1 against Geneseo this season.


For the first time since 1991 Plattsburgh State has failed to reach the SUNYAC semifinals as the Cardinals fell 4-3 at home to Fredonia State despite piling up an apparent 58 shots on goal.

Matt Quilty and Liam Lawson both scored first period goals to give Plattsburgh a 2-1 lead after one, but Fredonia countered with second period goals by Victor Tracy and Jacob Hynes to tie the game at three after 40 minutes. The lone third period tally and game-winner came from Fredonia's Ryan Dunner with 6:40 to play.

Fredonia netminder Anton Rosén finished the night with 55 stops to backstop the Blue Devils to the league semifinals for the first time since 2012. In the semis, Fredonia will face top-seed Oswego State, which it is 0-2 against this season and has not defeated since the opening game of the 2013-14 season.


Elmira was the third 4-3 winner of the night thanks in large part to a Chris Moses game-winner with 9:36 remaining in the third period. Neither team ever led by more than a goal, and Elmira took its first lead of the night when Connor Powell scored his second of the night just 17 seconds into the third period.

Manhattanvilles Axel Walltott scored on the power play at the 8:59 mark of the third to again draw things all square, but Moses' converted just under 90 seconds later to give the Soaring Eagles the lead for good.  Nick Ford also scored and added two assists for Elmira, which Matthew Cuce finished with a pair of assists.

On tap next for Elmira is a semifinal date with second-seed Stevenson. The Soaring Eagles and Mustangs have met twice this season with both contests ending in 2-2 ties.


Joining Elmira in the semifinals will be Neumann, which went on the road and scored a 3-1 win over Lebanon Valley. The win advances the Knights to the semifinals where they will face No. 1 seed Utica. The Knights and Pioneers split their two regular seasons meetings this year with Utica scoring a 9-1 win on December 9 and Neumann notching a 3-2 win on February 10.

The game was deadlocked at one after the opening period, but Zach Boyle and Glenn Florczak both scored in the second period to give Neumann the 3-1 lead it never relinquished.

Paul Butler also scored for Neumann while Cole Hepler notched Lebanon Valley's only goal of the night. Matt Gibney finished with 28 saves for Neumann, which outshot Lebanon Valley 37-29 on the night.


Conference tournament formats, schedules and results


Tournament format: Top eight teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games.  All rounds are single game format.  Champion  receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 Salve Regina, 2 Endicott, 3 University of New England, 4 Curry, 5 Nichols, 6 Wentworth, 7 Suffolk, 8 Western New England

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top six teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games, top two seeds receive byes to the semifinals.  All rounds are single game format. Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 Plymouth State, 2 Fitchburg State, 3 Worcester State, 4 Westfield State, 5 UMass Dartmouth, 6 Salem State

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top five teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games, top three seeds receive byes to the semifinals.  All rounds are single game format. Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 St. John's, 2 St. Thomas, 3 Augsburg, 4 Gustavus Adolphus, 5 Concordia (MN)

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top four teams from each of the North and South divisions qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games.  Teams are paired off by division for the quarterfinals, with the #1 seeded North team facing the #4 North team and the #2 North team facing the #3 North team. The South dvision teams do the same. The quarterfinals and semifinals are kept within the divisions. Higher seed hosts all games. Semifinals and championship are single elimination.  Quarterfinals are first to three point series with a minigame if neccessary. Adrian is considered the #1 overall seed.  Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament.


Seeding: North 1 St. Norbert, 2 Marian, 3 St. Scholastica, 4 Lawrence. South 1 Adrian, 2 Concordia (WI), 3 Lake Forest, 4 MSOE

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: All eight teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games and all rounds are single game format. Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 Norwich, 2 Hobart, 3 Babson, 4 UMass Boston, 5 New England College, 6 Skidmore, 7 Southern Maine, Castleton

Championship: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top eight teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts quarterfinals; semifinals and finals are hosted at a single location by the highest remaining seed.  All rounds are single game format. Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 Trinity, 2 Amherst, 3 Connecticut College, 4 Hamilton, 5 Wesleyan, 6 Colby, 7 Williams, 8 Bowdoin

Championship game: Sunday, March 4
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top six teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games, top two seeds receive byes to semifinals. All games single game format. Champion receives automatic bid to NCAA tournament. The top 3 seeds are currently set but only one point separates 4th through 7th.


Seeding: 1 Oswego State, 2 Plattsburgh State, 3 SUNY Geneseo, 4 Buffalo State, 5 Fredonia, 6 Brockport

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: Top six teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games, top two seeds receive byes to the semifinals.  All rounds are single game format.  The champion does not receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 Utica, 2 Lebanon Valley, 3 Stevenson, 4 Manhattanville, 5 Neumann, 6 Elmira

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern


Tournament format: All five teams qualify.  Higher seed hosts all games, top three seeds receive byes to semifinals. Championship game is single game, first round and semifinals are first-to-three-point series w/minigame if necessary.  The champion does not receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.


Seeding: 1 UW-Stevens Point, 2 UW-Eau Claire, 3 UW-Stout, 4 UW-Superior, 5 UW-River Falls

Championship game: Saturday, March 3
all times Eastern




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  • Plymouth St. continues to open up gap in MASCAC, tops Worcester
    February 02, 2018
    Plymouth State continues to sprint away in the MASCAC standings, and Thursday was the latest example in a win over Worcester.
  • Road to Placid Podcast Bonus Coverage: LVC's Don Parsons
    February 02, 2018
    In addition to the Road to Placid podcast, editor Ray Biggs also hosts the official podcast of the UCHC, the UCHCast. Today's episode profiles the fascinating rebirth of NCAA men's hockey at Lebanon Valley.
  • D3hockey.com Men's Team of the Week: January 30th
    January 30, 2018
    Two players from the battle of number ones, plus others from the NCHA, SUNYAC, UCHC, and Commonwealth Coast make their presence felt in our men's Team of the Week! Photo: Larry Radloff, d3photography.com
  • Nichols welcomes Palmer through Team IMPACT
    January 27, 2018
    The Nichols Bison have a new addition to the squad in six year old Luke Palmer, who was matched with the team through the Team IMPACT program.
  • Five Division III Players In Running for Hockey Humanitarian
    January 25, 2018
    The Hockey Humanitarian Award Foundation has released the nominees for their annual award that highlights the contributions of "College Hockey's Finest Citizen", with five Division III players among the ranks. Photo: Castleton Athletics
  • Friday rewind: And the hits just keep on comin'...
    January 19, 2018
    Ranked teams continue to fall and it happened in flashy fashion on Friday night as the top two ranked men's teams, St. Norbert and Endicott, both went down. But they weren't alone as three other ranked clubs fell and two others escaped with ties. Find out who turned the upsets in our rapid-fire Friday rewind. Photo: Larry Radloff for d3photography.com
  • Video: Bauer's late goal lifts Blugolds to win over No. 4 Adrian
    January 15, 2018
    Monday might not be a traditional hotbed of Division III hockey action, but it was today as UW-Eau Claire's Elizabeth Bauer scored with just 10.7 seconds remaining to lift the Blugolds to a 3-2 win over 4th-ranked Adrian. Check the video out right here...
  • Hamline moves into new home
    January 05, 2018
    The Hamline men and women have moved into a new arena with high-level ties. The Pipers will now play their home games at the TRIA Rink at Treasure Island Center, the new practice facility of the Minnesota Wild.
  • Anna Maria College adds Hockey
    December 22, 2017
    The Amcats will begin women's and men's play as an independent in the fall of 2018, and have named Mike Cox and David McCauley as head coaches.
  • And then there was one...
    December 08, 2017
    Three men's teams started the night unbeaten and now just one is left standing. Which of No. 1 St. Norbert, No. 3 Trinity and No. 13 Williams survived? Take a read and find out... Photo: Ken Colton/HWS Athletics
  • D3hockey.com Women's Team of the Week: December 5th
    December 05, 2017
    It's in with the new this week, as most of our honorees in this week's D3hockey.com Women's Team of the Week make the list for the first time this year, and for some, the first time ever. Photo: Caleb Williams, D3photography.com
  • HRAO to send three officials to Olympics
    December 01, 2017
    The Hockey Referee Assigning Organization, which handles most eastern Division III official assignments, will be represented by three officials chosen by the IIHF at the upcoming Olympics in South Korea
  • Another brick in the season's wall
    December 01, 2017
    The season rolled on Friday night on and not a lot was settled as a SUNYAC showdown ended in a stalemate and it was a dangerous night to be a ranked team as five of them fell -- four of which happened to be from the West Region. Elsewhere, there were overtime games...and ties...galore and the Middlebury women asserted themselves in the NESCAC. Catch the details of all those and more in the Friday wrap. Photo: Jon Endow/Babson Athletics
  • Amidst hockey renaissance, Auggies look to raise bar in MIAC
    November 30, 2017
    Augsburg's men and women have combined to start 14-1 this season, and both have their sights set on even loftier goals. Photo: Kevin Healy for Augsburg University
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Friday, Feb. 23: All times Eastern
at UW-Stevens Point 5, UW-River Falls 1
End of 3rd
UW-Stout 1
UW-Eau Claire 4
Video Live stats
at UW-River Falls 9, UW-Stevens Point 0
at UW-Eau Claire 3, UW-Superior 1
Video Box Score Photos
at Adrian 4, Marian 0
Video Box Score
at Lake Forest 4, St. Norbert 0
Video Box Score
Final - OT
St. Scholastica 2, at Concordia (Wis.) 2
Video Live stats Box Score
Friday, Feb. 23: All times Eastern
at UW-Stevens Point 5, UW-River Falls 1
Friday, Feb. 23: All times Eastern
at Adrian 4, Marian 0
Box Score Video
at UW-River Falls 9, UW-Stevens Point 0