Questions and Answers with Colby's Sean Lawrence

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by Ray Biggs
Managing Editor,

Colby goaltender Sean Lawrence has backstopped the Mules to their first NCAA semifinal. Photo: Colby Athletic Communications

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. -- Colby College has arrived in Lake Placid. On the eve of the team's first semifinal appearance, sat down to talk with the backbone of the Mules, goaltender Sean Lawrence. His commitment to the total Student-Athlete experience was on full display when we spoke to him, as he took the time in between practice, and an on-site midterm exam administered hundreds of miles away from the school's Waterville, Maine campus to chat with us on the eve of the Mules' biggest game of the season.

D3HKY: Sean, you just got off the ice here for practice, what was the experience like, and with a tough draw having an exam right after practice, how does that factor in?

SL: It was a lot of fun to get here, get on the ice and experience the rink and the history involved. So it was a lot of fun, a good high tempo practice, and guys were having fun. As far as the test goes, it's just another day at Colby College

D3HKY: Which class?

SL: It's called African American Studies. About eight of the boys are in the class so we're headed back to the hotel now to go take that test. 

D3HKY: This run has to have been a whirlwind for you. There was a bit of a lull in your season and you were able to come on strong late. How did this team adapt to get to this point? 

SL: After that bad run we had a team meeting. Coach Blaise fixed a couple of our systems and changed some things around. We just decided to buy in and do what we need to do to win hockey games. We started blocking shots and playing harder in our defensive zone and that eventually led to better defense and more offense. 

D3HKY: Defense and goaltending have played a major role in your success. In your view, why has everyone in that group been so collectively successful this season?

SL: I think it's just buying into our system. Blaise put in a great system for us to compete in and win every game, and guys just want to follow that system and buy in. 

D3HKY: Coach was very complimentary of your approach and how you prepare for games setting a good example for the team. What does that approach entail and how has it paid dividends for the playoffs? 

SL: Coming into this last year, I knew every game that it was my last season. I wanted to take the best approach that I possibly can. So whether it's mentally envisioning stuff that I want to do in the game or getting the body ready to go, that's really about it. 

D3HKY: You got in relatively late yesterday after practicing up at Southern Maine. In your short time here, what have your impressions been of your experience here in Lake Placid given everything that's happened and the fact that you're playing for a national title? 

SL: It's been awesome. We got to the hotel late last night, got a good night's rest and then a good breakfast at the hotel. We've been anxious to get on the ice here in Lake Placid and it's been so exciting. 

D3HKY: What do you expect from your own performance and what you want to get out of this weekend? 

SL: I hope the guys stick to the gameplan. We're a good team that can go out and beat anybody in the country. So we're going out there with the mentality that we can win both games this weekend. Anything else and I think we'll be a bit disappointed.


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